Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NOVA Open Charity Tiger WIP 3

Mud and weathering powders have been added. The tracks are close to completion, but may change a tad to match the display.

So do you think the winner of the raffle (or auction however the NOVA Charity Auction does it) will use the vehicle in a game? I think this is pretty much one of the most iconic tanks of WW2, but one of the worst options in a game of Bolt Action. However, I really would like something to enjoy this as a gaming piece.


  1. Superb paint job. The subdued look serves the subject well.

  2. I'll be bidding on this, no questions!

  3. Why one of the worst options in BA? Three Tiger 2s and nine PZ4 not an option?
    Just kidding, im mad at BA stupid 'one tank per game rules'
    Splendid paint job, as allways. I would use it just for fun Tank War games, but most people dont want to spend 75% of the points limit on one model

    1. I would love to see a platoon of these staring down easy company, but it would be a very unbalanced game!