Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NOVA Open Charity Tiger WIP 2

The second step with the Tiger was an all over grey filter followed by enamel work. The filter unifies the surface colors a bit, and the oils provide depth and streaking. Because this is meant to be more realistic than I would normally paint, I toned down my weathering quite a bit. You can also see some weathering powders applied, but those were just to block in some color. They will be darkened substantial when they are fixed in place.

The only thing I have to decide now, is whether I want to spray white wash on the tank. I am not inclined to do this at the moment, but instead to skip to the mud phase. I haven't decided how to base the model yet, but that can always happen after mudding. Hopefully whomever wins this model will be able to use it as a display piece but also as a nice gaming model.

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