Friday, June 3, 2016

Building Speed Painting

With so many buildings cast, it is important to come up with a fast way to paint them. Using a minimalist pallet, I managed to knock out these test buildings pretty quickly. The trick was using enamel washes to hide my extremely sloppy paint jobs. (the doors will get washes and highlights!) Now that I have some colors down, I can go back and add detail as needed. Interiors will probably get faux wall paper printed out and then distressed before being glued on. I think that will add a lot of flavor to each individual row house. It is especially important for the ruined buildings, since some wacky 1930s wallpaper will contrast really well with the ruined stone exteriors.

So my big question is what colors to paint the buildings. Anyone from Belgium out there have some ideas?


  1. I think the combination of the quick painting and the washes makes it look even more realistic!

    1. Thanks Greg. I plan to put posters, ivy, and all manor of other junk on the buildings. I haven't figured out how to do signs yet. I think I'll have to print something in French and then trace the words onto the buildings.

      I know you like Tigers... my NOVA Tiger II is in progress. Sadly Angron hasn't arrived yet, he might have to wait till next year.

    2. You should do some of the posters as "german" propaganda, then do some graffiti over it :)

    3. excellent idea! I was thinking about beer advertisements, but your idea is much better.