Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Angron Base WIP

One of the best things about the Forgeworld character series models are the scenic bases they come with. I was impressed with Angron's base when I painted my own copy of him, and enjoyed painting it again just as much. It is areal pleasure painting tiny dioramas like this.

Another thing I carried over from my original version of this model was the use of World Eaters on the base. I was very close to putting a Sons of Horus marine on the base as well, but I think it may have added too much interest and distracted the viewer from the central model.  I think the focus should be on Angron alone. The marines he is slaughtering are just in the way.

You may notice my use of light blue, orange, and yellow tones. This is intentional, and will help Mr. Anger stand out once he is added. Once I add blood spatters the diorama will come to life or death as the case may be. As a bonus, blood will be used to carefully conceal imperfections.


  1. I must admit I never understood having him carving through his own legion.

    Wonderful work on the base though, really bravo. It is coming together well.

    1. As the butchers nails take over, Angron cares less and less who he fights. I'd like to think those are loyalist World Eaters being culled. The brother versus brother aspect of the civil war is most interesting to me when it is intra-legion.

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  3. Instead of Angron you could put a bunch of low poles, so they could have a proper limbo contest instead of being murdered.

  4. I appreciate the comments guys. I have photos of the finished model now. No limbo poles at all!