Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sons Of Horus Cataphractii Terminator Squad

On my painting table right now is a squad of Sons of Horus Cataphractii Terminators. These guys are loyalists of course, and are painted in regular legion colors. I had a lot of trouble with oils on these guys. In the end when the gloss varnish runs out, just buy more. Trying to make due with acrylic gloss varnish does not work well. The transfers also went on poorly, but I think I can cover up all of the bad areas with battle damage. It may even look better in the end. I don't mean to make this a grip post, but I found the poses possible with these guys really limiting. I struggled to get any motion into them. I know they are suppose to be heavy and slow, but I would have like it if the torsos would rotate more than they do at the waist.

I'm finding that I like painting the Sons a bit more than the children, but only because the SoH have a great scheme to weather on top off. Once these squad is done I have a two legion Praetors to paint. One will become the SGT of this squad. the other will be my HQ. These guys will make a nice allied contingent for the ECS.

Now I see Dave Taylor is painting up some Death Guard. This makes me think a Pre-Heresy battle could be in order in our neck of the woods.

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