Saturday, November 16, 2013

Legion Praetor in Terminator Armor

Before starting another model, I figured I should finish painting the other Praetor in the FW pack. I think a tank is up next. I am deciding on whether to paint up a rhino or a predator. I think I may go the rhino route so I can practice weathering. The more I look at the terminator squad the more rushed they appear. More work needs to go into painting and shading their weapons.


  1. More oil washes on these? I really like the bright blue sword - makes him stand out nicely

    1. Yes. I used AK Interactive streaking grime to make the stains on the armor.

  2. So good - the only 'problem' (and its not a problem, just the first thing that stands out and differentiates himfrom the scrubs) I see with this guy is how much more dynamically posed he is than the stock Cataphractii who look boring by comparison.

    You've done a brilliant job with both of the Praetor models.