Friday, November 8, 2013

Istavaan III Ruined Concrete Bases

After a long stressful week, I decided it was time to put some more love into my Pre-Heresy Emperors Children. The thing is, after painting up a dreadnought for the Sons of Horus, I kind of want to do a squad of SoH. All of the basing will be similar across the SoH and ECs, so the bases could be used for either. They were to be used for my Phoenix Guard terminators. The relative lack of ornamentation will not draw the eye too much from those overly fancy models. The recipe for these bases is pretty simple.

  1. Take a sheet of plaster and crack it over the top of a base. 
  2. Texture paint the cracks and crevices so the slabs are sitting on something
  3. Cover base in a couple thin coats of diluted white glue
  4. Prime Black, airbrush on grays followed by graveyard earth around the edges. 
  5. Wash of SecreteWeapon miniatures concrete wash (forgotten here but used on Fulgrim's base)
  6. Wash of Secret Weapon miniatures green earth weathering powder. 

The browns can be toned down substantially, but I like the dirty look.