Monday, November 11, 2013

Sons of Horus Cataphractii Finished Almost Possibly Maybe

I am starting to be happy with how these guys are turning out. Here they are out with a stroll in front of what was supposed to be a crashed thunderhawk.

Lessons Learned:

1. I added oil washes too early. Once I had done that I could not get any other paint to stick. Then I added transfers. It turns out oil and water do not mix so well. I got the worst silvering I've ever seen on a model before duplicated 5 times! Now the question is if I just battle damage them up and hide the poor decal work, of if I repaint and reapply.

2. Purple and Green look awesome together, but I can't figure out an army list that works.

3. Mint green is the new black.

So what is up next? I don't know. I was thinking of painting a SoH predator, or possibly finishing the two HQ choices. On the other hand, I just finished making 10 more bases, so maybe it is time to add a legion support squad. I really like the idea of a squad with rotor cannons gunning down world eaters and death guard. (I know DG were not present at Istavaan III, but there were companies scattered everywhere during the heresy)


  1. You might want to re-read your history my friend, Death Guard were most certainly present on Isstvan III.

    Looking good John. On the subject of the transfers? I say scrape off and repaint. You know that if you don't it'll always be niggling at you.


    1. point noted! I suppose I will have to wait to put some dead DG on my bases until you post something with a unit or chapter marking.

      I think you are right about scraping off the transfers. I just wanted these guys to be done so badly. It took me three tries to paint the power sword, which required me to scrape and paint strip it. I guess it is good that my painting techniques are in flux again. It keeps it interesting.

  2. Loving that seafoam green you're doing, looks spectacular!

    I hear ya on the woes of waterslide transfers, always a dicey proposition. Hate to say it but the scrape and re-apply is probably the safest bet overall...

    Keep up the great work, man!

  3. Love how these are turning out. They look more rugged than your EC but that I think is only proper. That being said I agree with the others, if you are not happy, repaint or buy new ones to take their place.