Monday, December 31, 2012

Ultramarines Last WIP 2012

I started my first Ultramarines Terminator squad yesterday. Despite being hit with this seasons turbo cold, I managed to cast up and paint the squads bases. At this point I am getting really close to being completed. In the last photo you can see a power weapon test that I think was successful enough to become the standard look for all power weapons in the force.

I changed my blue recipe again. (sorry) Finding a way off of the old range was important. I think I was able to use Maccrage Blue instead of Ultramarines blue in order to get the rich blue of the original tac squad.

If I complete the squad I will post photos up before the end of the year!

Armor Recipe.

  • Black primer
  • 50/50 Black & Kantor Blue
  • Kantor Blue (not maccrage blue as one might think!)
  • Maccrage Blue
  • Calgar Blue 
  • Edge armor plates with badab black (use like paint, not like wash)


  1. Did you use an air brush to do the armor?

  2. Thank you for the recipe ;-)

    And have a wonderful new year!

  3. I love how smooth the blue comes out. The highlights and lowlights blend exceptionally well without being overstated. Fantastic work!

  4. Me to i really love your work. Try to follow this blog since you fantastic Necrons!!!! 2 short questions (and yes I understand if you dont have the time to answer haha:)

    1. How do you mix the gw colours for airbrush?
    2. How do you do your gold? You wrote somewhere that you use VMA Gold. Mine is just soooooo thin and yellow. no near what I see on your pics. (is it with white or brown before the gold)