Monday, December 10, 2012

Land Speeder Storm: WIP

After a lot of work on my scout bikers, I decided to toss in a LS Storm, thinking it would be fun to paint up and get on the table. Maybe I am facing painting fatigue from the bikes or something, but the LS storm is turning into quite the painting challenge. Much like the scout bikes, the storm has so many neat little bits that really need to go on the model that it is almost a painting chore. In order to make it a bit easier I've decided to paint the storm's riders next, and then when they are done follow up with an all stowage painting-a-thon for both the bikes and the speeder.

I am not sure what I did different this time around with the modulation of the blue, but the storm is a much lighter less rich shade than my first squad and dreadnought. Maybe not enough regal blue? Either way, I like the color. It sets my scouts apart.

Anyone notice a theme for the army? Nope, not a scout army, but an army of all the stuff I have wanted to but never painted. You can see bits of the ironclade dreadnought on my table already. I don't know if I will do it before i hit the thunderfire or not.


  1. Really nice. I hear ya, attention to detail can really drain you, but it's worth it. Maybe take a break and paint a simple mini right out of the box but something outside your normal preferences? Works for me.

  2. John, sometimes using the same colors on a larger surface can make them seem lighter. Often with vehicles it is safer to start with a darker tone. Otherwise, looking good!


  3. Hey John nice paint job but the front wings on this model are reversed, don't know if you planned it that way?

    1. Nope, that wasn't my plan, just and oversight! I still haven't painted the crew! :)