Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scout Bikers

All of the base colors and detail have been added to the scouts now. The weathering of the tires and chipping and weathering of the bikes has not been started. Despite this, I am really pleased with how these guys are turning out. Once all of the weathering is done and all the packs and extra gear are a added I think I will have a really stellar unit. I struggled with the cloth portions on the bikers, but in the end it is just nice to finally paint these guys.

A while back I painted up three ultra storm talons, and Last night I placed the talons up next to the bikers and my completed marines.  It was a blast just to see the models together.  I really do need to finish the basing and get all of the miniatures based. That will tie the whole army together and let me take one of those coveted whole army photos. I am not not sure how much further I should go in my painting before actually finishing something. Saving all the weathering and decals for last makes sense to me, but now I am itching to get these guys on the field. Just one more troops and an HQ unit and I can do it!


  1. Looking very good indeed, sir! Really like how you've done the bases too.

  2. Have you had much luck running these guys in game? I have wanted to try, but fail to find a good use for them that is done better by something else.

  3. I've never used these guys, or even seen them used!