Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ultramarines Dreadnought

I took a brief pause in my LS Storm painting in order to add some details to my first ultramarines dreadnought. (I also needed a break from that complex model!) At this point I am ready to add transfers. Once those are done and set, I'll add chipping and weathering. I changed the base out a bit on this guy to see how a flatter ruined street would look. I love the stepped base, but I really think I should have reposed the dread before painting. This model has sat unpainted but primed in a plastic baggy for so many years, it is a real joy to finally see it coming to life.

The last shot is a picture of my painting desk. for years now I have layered poster board on my work area in order to provide a disposable painting/modeling surface. It is such a small thing, but since I've never seen anyone else do it, I thought I would point it out. My work area consists of an ikea desktop sitting on elfa storage bins with three poster boards covering the top. When a board gets too dirty (or covered in mid-century modern home decor destroying weathering powders) I just cut up the board and throw it away. Replacing it from a stash in my closet. I've noticed that a clean work area encourages me to work on models, and my productivity goes up when there is a clean space to paint. having a near instantaneous way to restore my work area has really helped.

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  1. I really love the depth of tone you have in that blue, and the optics are stunning. Great stuff!