Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dark Angles Squad: Weathering Powders

I could not wait to have a DA powered armored squad to ride in the new rhino, so rather than fiddle with all of the pieces needed to put one together I decided to grab and extra AoBR plastic set and just paint them up as DA. This allowed me a stress free way to try out some new techniques as well.

I used an airbrush to base coat these guys, and have done very little highlighting, focussing instead on blending them into the background. I threw together some dirt bases, and since I was working with test models, I went ahead and tried the forge world earth colored powder around each of the models legs. I did this once before basing them which was a mistake since the powder came off while trying to hold them down for the glue to dry. I am really liking the powders. I recommend that everyone goes out and gives them a try. You can always grind up pastels found at local art supply stores if you don't want to mess with international shipping.

I now have a force containing GW, DW, and RW! Which means if I ever get around to playing the game, I have a very colorful and characterful army. Should I go back and paint the full 10 man tac squad I have ready to go? Should I paint up another rhino while I remember the recipe?


  1. These look fantastic! Nice work.
    If you do the other 5 tacs you'll have the two five man teams good for a small game =)

  2. Awesome weathering ..... Could you please explain how you used the powders .... ie wet process or dry etc ....

  3. I will do a step by step on the powders in my next post. I am using a dry process, and do it after the model has been sealed, so the matte varnish does not ruin the effect.