Sunday, February 21, 2010

DA versus Gorgeous Eldar

These photos are in the reverse order, so this is the state f things at the end of the game. Two land speeders and an attack bike were just itching to unleash revenge on the stranded fire dragon squad, but the game ended on turn 5. The eldar won this time.

Fire dragons show ups to try and kill the loan terminator to take the kill point lead. They do so, but my land speeders take out their transport and leave them stranded. There is not much I can to do get to them though, so no kill points for me.

This is by far my favorite paint job on a vehicle. It is just masterful.

The DA wheel around to try and get in range.
A lucky shot damaged and eldar transport.
Rob moved all of his forces just out of range, leaving the lone terminator with nothing to do but run and hide.
Say hello to Mr. Multi-Melta.

DA Turn: The tanks drive on, and the terminators enter the game using the teleport homer from the RW land speeder. The bikes died under a torrent of gun fire. So too will the terminators.

Turn 1: The eldar fly onto the board and disembark

Turn 1: The lone transport luring the DA to their deaths.
After months of scheduling, three of us met up and finally had our first battle. My opponent, Rob, played Rob's unbelievably beautiful Eldar army. In hind sight, I really should have setup my tripods and and lighting sources to get better photos. I wanted to play the game and found the photography interfering. I think this comes from not knowing the rules very well, so I was focussed on trying to learn the game rather than focusing on the photos. We played an 1850 annihilation game and I gave up turn one. This was my first kill points game, and it I lost by one point. My troops never even got out of their transports! The eldar jumped on the board turn one, annihilated my bike squad, and then jumped back in their transports and flew away, taking pot shots at me for the rest of the game. I tried to make a wall of troops to slowly box them in, but I could not maneuver fast enough. The size of the table did work to the eldar advantage, but realistically Rob is an excellent player, so he would have schooled me no matter what! I am not sure what tactics I should have used. I definitely needed more long range firepower.

The photos are in reverse chronological order. This way you get to see the smoking husk of a fire prism and a troop transport first!


  1. Holy crap, two beautiful armies duking it out! It is a bit cumbersome making a battle report during a game, but the pics you did take really were fantastic. You've got to showcase your buddy's army on the website some time.

  2. Gorgeous! Where do you play man? Those are two beautiful armies!

  3. I've seen those in a WIP thread before (see below) and drooled over them. Amazing work on them and very jealous you got to see them up close and in person.

  4. Wow. You may not have had a tripod but the armies are both great and the terrain is too! Well done.

  5. Beautiful. Just beautiful. You need more terrain, though ;) Granted, both of your armies are mobile, but how does Planestrike work out with such long fields of fire?

  6. We should try planet strike next! I think the terrain worked to my disadvantage, but had I been faster it would have been on my side! I think our next game is on the amphalion base using Tyrannids, guard, and maybe some inquisitors or a deathwatch team or something.

  7. Just gorgeous. Excellent pictures. If only all games could be this evocative. Thanks for all of the beautiful shots!

  8. As the rest said, what a simply beautiful game! I'm very envious indeed...

    I'm also very impressed by your fortress of redemption, its really inspiration to get my own one finished!