Monday, February 15, 2010

DA Veterans with Heresy Era Backpacks

I tried a bunch on new techniques on these guys, and the jury is still out. I started with a white primer and then washed the armor black. The goal was to then use the gradations in color to let the airbrush naturally shade the miniature. I did not want the green all over the robes, so I carefully wrapped the DA up in little tape coats before spraying. In the first WIP shot you can see the nice shading the airbrush was giving the minis. I went overboard and put too much green on rather than stop while I was ahead. Now I have to go back and black wash the crevices, and then re-highlight with scorpion green. I have quite a ways to go with these guys, but I could not resist putting a photo up. I love this pre-heresy dark angels backpacks. They came with the chaos needle harness thing for chaos apothecaries.

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