Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dark Angels Rhino Chasis WIP 1

I was having a tau-ible time painting the...tau, so I thought I should go back to my roots as a Space Marine player and paint up a Rhino for my Dark Angels force. I don't have any powered armored DA painted yet, but I really like the look of the PA, the DW, and RW together. So far I am really happy with how this is turning out. My dust spray along the skirt is a little sloppy because I did not feel like cleaning my air brush even though I felt it getting gooey. My least favorite part of this model is the matte varnish. Once again, it has left a strange texture on the surface of the vehicle. I still have scratches to add to this, as well as forge world powders. I will use the rust colored powder instead of diluted orange paint this time because I think the orange would just not cover the green properly. I haven't decided just how dirt to make this thing yet.

I plan to paint the top hatch with the tactical squad symbol using the airbrush and some painters tape. I haven't decided how to weather the arrow symbol yet. I could steal a little of my wife's hairspray and sprinkle some sand on it prior to air brushing. I think that would give a nice chipped affect. The easy path is just to use a sponge to add some DA green back over the top.