Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sons of Horus Contemptor WIP 1

I haven't painted a 28mm 30k unit in a while, so I grabbed a dreadnought that had been languishing under my desk for several years and made some progress. This guy was is fully magnetized, so the arms move, and the missile launcher comes off. What you see in the photos is the first phase of painting. It is at this point that I varnish the model and add transfers. That is my worry. My transfers are pretty old now. I'm hoping they don't silver, but I think that is real risk. Despite that, I am eager to push the project forward. After transfers I can begin enamel pin washes and oil streaking. That is my favorite part of painting. Environmental effects totally change a model.


  1. Pretty old ? Most of mine are from the last centuary.

    OBTW, he looks great, really liking the matt black look.

    1. I have some pre-millenium dreads as well. I might need to paint one up now. :)

  2. Love it so far John, you haven't lost your 28mm touch!

  3. Great work, looking forward to seeing it come along.