Wednesday, January 10, 2018

On The Painting Desk: Primaris Redemptor

I've mentioned it at least once before, but don't buy the Redemptor kit. Instead purchase the easy to build model. It is cheaper and less hellish to put together. That said, after struggling to put all zillion parts of this guy together, I've finally got some paint on him, or to be more accurate, paint and enamel. At the moment the model is glossy, with a brown enamel pin wash drying. Once dry, I can wipe away the excess and add rust colored streaking. One coat of ultra-matter later, and this guy can join the other un-based primaris marines in my display cabinet.

Please check out my eBay listings if you are interested in chaos marines, chaos, or bolt action. I'll be adding more soon, as my zero-spend year of hobby continues.


  1. haha! I loved the Redemptor kit because of the posability and moving parts and don't understand why anyone would want to buy the easy-to-build version. Its an arse to paint tho. Yours is looking gorgeous, by the way. More pics plz!

    1. Additional photos are coming. I need to finish with the enamels an move onto oils. Then it can be cleaned up and dull coated. I really hate this kit. I would rather chop up the easy to build one to get the possibility I want than build another one of these!

  2. Love the transition within the blue armour - I need to work on that skill. I don’t think I’m bold enough to reach the lightest highlights.