Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hunter or Stalker WIP for Primaris Ultramarines WIP 1

I tried using Ultramarines blue rather than Calth blue from the new range and am not happy with the hue. Calth is less red. Fortunately this tank will be heavily weathered. Once it has dark browns and rust streaks on it, I think it will fit in. It bewilders me that I still can't replicate the blue color on the Primaris marines painted before the NOVA Open last year.

I don't know when this tank came out, but I remember buying it on release. That must have been 2-3 years ago. At least if finally has paint on it!


  1. You're cracking on with the progress so far this year mate, excellent work!

    I notice with your stuff you always manage a really 'flat' finish at this stage, is that the way you use an airbrush, or the paints?

    1. The finish comes from the paints. Some of GW's paints are more satin than matte, but for my blues they seem to work. Ultimately, this will get varnishes semi-gloss, and then have enamels and oils applied. The last step is AK-Interactive ultra-matte, which I will thin this time to try and avoid varnish blobs.

  2. Beautiful, 2-3yrs that’s nothing, I just completed my Space Hulk Fallen terminator started in Dec 09...