Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nova Open Charitable Foundation Imperial Knight

The Imperial Knight I have been painting for the Nova Open Charitable Foundation is nearing completion. Donate some money to charity, and you can win this knight along with an entire Ultramarines army painted by some incredible folks. How often does one get to support charity via painting? It is a pretty incredible experience.  So go donate some money to charity, and while you are at it, maybe support some of the great sponsors.


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    1. Chris did you not receive the e-mail I sent you a couple months ago with the LED video?


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    4. Chris, I'm sorry you didn't see the LED's in action! The look awesome. I am going to try and make another video tonight showcasing them on the completed model.

  2. Hey NOW! That yellow stands out nicely against the base. I feel like i should have put more snow on my bases but i just couldn't bring myself to cover up all that lovely detail :)

    1. I hated covering up the base as well. I really wanted to mix in some weathering powders to make the snow less white, but I wanted to wait until someone else did it first.