Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nova Open Charitable Foundation Crushed Glass Snow

The Imperial Knight is bound to be dropped off in an hour, but because I couldn't resist a little tinkering with the base, I had one last thing to add, weathering powders. The base recipe does not call for powders, but does involve Secret Weapon Miniatures purple wash. Seeing as how I covered up most of the base with crushed glass, I needed something to mix into the snow to make it look churned up. Luckily I had a dark earth color with a tinge of purple to it on hand. A few moments later and the base is 100% better than what it was. I am really happy how this turned out, and I am definitely going to experiment with crushed glass again. I wish all those who are donating to the charity luck in winning the Ultramarines army. It will be one of the nicest armies I have seen, and will turn heads everywhere it goes. I just how the winner posts some photos of the army in action. I love seeing little updates like that.


  1. I really love that base. It looks ultra realistic...practically photo real. Very nice work!

  2. Good luck, guys! I saw the new tactical marines on the site, they look really good too.