Saturday, January 4, 2014

Storm Eagle Hydraulics

This Storm Eagle is supposed to be one of the center pieces of my Sons of Horus army. However no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the kit to fit together properly. This kit is hell. So after another unsatisfying round of trying to fit it together, I decided I would experiment with hydraulics. in order to make the ramps more interesting. The design is relatively simple, and should survive the next dozen attempt to glue the body together.  I've got a pack of secret weapon cables that I will glue onto the main portion of the hydraulics as well as some plastic rivets.

So what to do with the front ramp? I can't very well have one cool ramp and not another. I guess it is back to the desk to fabricate another set.

I found my Secret Weapon metal cables and added them to the hydraulics. Also, after consulting the FW directions, it appears they can't even build one of these things with all the angles lining up properly. I think I am good to go. Now I just need to wire in the fiber optics. ;)


Added some paint


  1. I put one of these together today and I agree, its an absolute pig.

    I found the plastic upper shell too large for the gap left from assembling the main body, so had to remove some material there (i guess thats what "plastic parts may require trimming" meant.

    I also struggled with the rear hatch, but I went for a sealed cabin to compensate, kudos on working up a method to display the door open.

  2. This thread on DakkaDakka is indispensable as far as building the Storm Eagle. Also it makes me reconsider buying one for my Alpha Legion:

    1. That is by far one of the most interesting builds I have seen. I recommend everyone follow it. I am thinking about using the left over landing gear parts as well.

  3. Its a shame the kit is proving so difficult to build as it trumps the GW version on styling and looks. The new Raptor version also looks the business.

    I like what you did with the hydraulics - on such an expensive kit it would be a shame not to be able to show off the interior to the max - yours is a nifty little solution to show of the insides.

  4. As beautiful as the model is, the construction is a horrible affair, I actuallty had to glue both assault ramps shut to ensure the model's integrity. It would simply not remain together, even after extensive sanding, bending and sticking it together. Nevertheless, it's an awesome model.

  5. Could i ask how you made the T bar bits for the hydralics. awesome idea