Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sons of Horus Storm Eagle

The mint green base coat on the Storm Eagle complete. I keep taking the doors off and playing with the hydraulic ramp in the back, which is slowing things down. I guess that is just a side effect of having a finished interior that is interesting to look at. I have to decide on the placement of the dark grey and light grey stripes. My plan is to put black Sons of Horus symbols on the side hatches, and then use the gold symbols over black/mint grey stripes on the wings. The engine cowlings will be the minty light grey GW makes.  I am eager to get to the weathering stage, but there is just so much detail to paint I will probably not reach my goal of finishing the model today. The base is another matter altogether, it has yet to be designed.

I hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant Sunday.

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