Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sons of Horus Master of Signals and Volkite Heavy Support Squad

I had trouble with the gold Sons of Horus Transfers. They just seem to leave tiny silver patches near the gold areas. I used every technique possible on these guys, including gloss varnish and repeated micro-sol applications to no avail. This batch turned out better than the terminators, but not good enough for me to keep using the transfers. I hadn't planned on painting a volkite squad, but knowing that I will likely face swarm tyranids forces at the Nova Open Narrative Event, I knew needed something to handle crowd control.

Photos of the Storm Eagle are coming once I figure out the basing. I should probably paint up two troop units so I have a legal force points wise, but I think a predator would be more fun.


  1. Master of Signal is looking very nice and the Volkite squad looks lovely.

    Looking forward to seeing the Storm Eagle.

  2. Hey check this out it's awesome

  3. Yo, try using matte medium over the transfers, sometimes that works to make them matte. Worth a shot at least.

    What about clipping the flash on the end of the antenna and straightening them with warm water, cold water treatment?

    These are just too awesome to leave that as is.

  4. Agreed, that should do the trick just fine.

    This army's shaping up nicely!

  5. great job, how did you do the gold effect on the volkite please