Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Standard Dice

Tournaments should provide players with tournament dice.

There, I said it.

How many times have you seen players change out their dice when they need a certain roll? Why not just remove any doubt of irregularly by removing it from the game altogether?

Ok, mini-rant over, back to the regular modeling and painting content.


  1. I couldn't agree more.

    I've seen blatantly suspect dice more often than I should (a handful of times; once is too often), and heard people complain about them waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too often.

    It's overkill for an RTT, but if you're dropping $60, $75, $100 on a GT... yeah. They should include (and require) dice.

  2. Why not trust people? I've played in a lot of tournaments and never felt that any opponent was cheating me.

  3. I've been very lucky at tournaments, and I am fairly selective with whom I play second games with, but after reading so much junk online about tournament shenanigans, I just can't fathom why organizers don't just remove any doubt from the die rolling equation. Maybe I need to stick to reading hobby sites for a while and leave this to the pros!

  4. This is pretty standard fare for blood bowl tournaments. Even during "playoffs" for a local league the commish will usually just buy a cheap pack of chessex dice. To be honest it's rare for me to think someone is cheating but it just removes that concern completely.

  5. 1. a pack of dollar store dice is $1 nicer plain dice are only slightly more.

    2. super nice custom dice with your event logo on them are not very expensive, and make a fun souvenir/collectable for players to take home.

    I think its a great idea

  6. I don't play in tournaments, but I think it's a good idea. Include a pack of dice with the entry fee.

  7. I avoid competitive gaming as a rule, but SC John makes a great second point there!

    Hope you're all well,

    - D.