Monday, January 16, 2012

Bloodletters of Khorne WIP

I've had some Bloodletters stowed away for some time, and after reading the Chaos Marines codex, decided to paint them up to use as summoned lessor daemons. The fact that they can pull dual duty for both the chaos marines and chaos daemons codexes is a bonus. I think I am going to go for an all daemon army as well, just to have something different to throw down. After all, with all those Grey Knights armies around, it only seems right to have some deamons for them to face now and then.

No matter how you cut it, painting 30 miniatures is tedious. If I had not had an airbrush I would not have even attempted this. From the photos you can see that the base colors are down, and I am painting up the metallic bits. Each model has around 50 raised bumps, which I will probably have to paint by hand. I plan on painting the nubs white or orange. Before that i will need to pour 30 resin bases, so these guys have something to stand on. So with all that work, by Friday these guys should be ready for the table top. Not bad for two troops choices!


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  2. interesting choice of color on the swords, contrasts nicely, it will be interesting to see how the army turns out.


  3. I am not sure about the green colored bladed either. I was going for a sort of eldritch glow, but ended up with what you see here. The other problem I faced was the final wash. I wish I had not done it. The models were really bright and interesting pre-wash, and much more muted than expected afterwards. Much of my shading went to waste!