Sunday, January 29, 2012

Original Rhino Re-Paint

For some time I have been collecting everything Ultramarines, slowly building my stock until I am ready to begin painting my new 'vanilla' army. I knew when I began collecting that I had to come up with a different style for my ultra-marines. I want them to look as cool as I think they are story-wise. So with drive to start a new army slowly building, I decided to test paint a tank to see if my new recipe for blue would work. I did not feel like building a tank specifically for the task, so I reached back to one of my original space marine Rhinos, stripped it of paint, and gave it the blue treatment.

The Rhino is currently sitting on my desk exactly as it is in the photos. The base coat is done, and a light wash of dev mud has been applied, finishing off the pre-weathered chassis. Two thing stand out when I look at the model.

1. How do people paint ultramarines? I started with a black/enchanted mix followed by enchanted, followed by Ultramarines blue. I think I am close to a recipe that works, but I am just not sure. Maybe a light wash of Badab black at the end?

2. Is it possible that old rhinos can look good again? I think regardless of the color decision, I am going to push this Rhino forward. I can always strip the paint away again after the experiment. I have a lot of these rhinos, and could easily field 5-6 of them, so long as a few of them end up as donor chassis for damaged pieces. The real question is whether or not they would look good.

My old tanks have many layers of paint on them. Stripping the paint is almost like a mini-course in archaeology. This specific tank was originally purchased to provide transportation for an Imperial Guard platoon, and had IG markings two layers down. In honor of it's previous designation 3rd Rhino F company command, this tank will retain the number three somewhere on it.

So what is the verdict? Is miniature restoration worth it from a hobby perspective? Should I strip all of the old Iron Scythe Space Marine tanks and repurpose them?


  1. Mini restoration is a TON of work. I've done one model and will not do another one unless my life depends on it or I get paid an astronomical amount of money.

    I equate it to renovating a house for those who know. You are never really sure what's underneath and what additional work you're going to have to do as you get deeper into the project.

    As far as painting the blue, I like the darker look to my models. Given the choice, I'd keep the blue as dark as possible. Believe it or not, I just painted a Dire Avenger dark blue and it's the same thing I'd use if I were to paint Ultramarines.

    I'd say to finish the tank since it can be hard to tell now without all the bells and whistles and detailing added as to whether or not you prefer this particular shade of blue.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. I think you are right on the money ron. Photos inbound

  3. I decided to keep painting to see what I could do with all of the damage. I think it turned out reasonably well, though it does represent the worst maintained ultramarines rhino in history!

  4. Seeing it done, the weathering lightens the whole vehicle up some to me. It's not bad, but not nearly as dark as when you started.

    I think it looks top notch myself.
    Ron, From the Warp

  5. Absolutely fantastic - and well done you for rolling it out!

    Whenever a re-role of a vehicle (or an ebay purchase) necessitates a re-paint, I always maintain some element of the original for archeology's sake. It's only right and proper!

  6. I remember reading and seeing that one some of your tanks Drax. I must say its a interesting homage! I'm of the opinion that the model must be really needed (or wanted) in order for it to warrant a go-over... With old stuff like your Rhino Drathmere, I think there is a degree of charm to it which will add to your armies overall look. I like the idea that your Ultramarines have been taking meticulous care of their ancient vehicles!

    I think that the weathering works really well and helps to gel the overall look, taking away some of the "oomph" of a clean blue.

    Well done from oink!

  7. I really appreciate the positive feedback. Based on this test I just dunked 2 original rhinos, a predator, and a vindicator into a bath of simple green. They'll stew for a while and then the repaint will begin!

  8. I think it looks fantastic. The way I've adopted painting my Ultramarines produces a very similar look, perhaps a little darker, but not much.

    I prime black > Airbrush the model with Citadel Foundation Mordian Blue > Wash with Citadel Azurman Blue > Zenithal highlight (lightly) with Ultramarines Blue > Controlled wash with Citadel Badab Black.

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