Friday, November 11, 2011

Necron Painting Update

I had planned to paint 24 warriors and 10 immortals today, and while I did not complete the task I did make very good progress. I stuck with the blue tinted white heads, but added purple as a secondary color for the immortals. I think I will use a lot of purple and gold on my lords. I may paint them entirely purple. I really like the backstory that the aristocracy ended up with better personality preservation due to better quality bodies, so using purple to signify royalty is kind of cool.


  1. They all look awesome! Great work!

  2. Very nice work!
    Tempts me to start anecron army!

  3. very inspiring, the purple really stands out and give the paint job some depth. I might have to do a necron army my self. Love that you don't have to paint them pure metal any more. Nice work