Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lychguards Painted!

I am making good progress with my Necrons again. If you ignore the guys whose head is falling off, these guys are ready to deflect shots with their shields and protect my lord. I continued with the purple gem theme on them as a highlight, as well as blue shaded power weapons. I keep hearing that these guys are terrible in this configuration, but I have them now, and so they will be fielded. Just in case however, I decided to bulk paint the rest of my forces power weapons. this saved me a lot of time, however in keeping with Ron's recent post about only painting the front of a model, I totally forgot to turn the power weapons on the plate over for the two lighter highlights, so these are only partially completed.

Where would I be without my airbrushes? Am I even capable of painting an entire miniature by hand? Does the airbrush make me less of a painter?


  1. They're looking really nice, and so smooth thanks to the airbrush.

    Not too sure about those saying they aren't very good, being one of the few places to have an invulnerable save in the Necron codex they are very useful for protecting anything important.

  2. I have to admit that watching your army come together really makes me want to play Necrons.