Monday, November 28, 2011

Necron Lord With War Scythe WIP

My minty green Necron's finally have an HQ choice! This model is still WIP, with some areas are still pure un shaded base coat, but I really liked the way it was tuning out and wanted to share. I used the same power weapon technique I used on my Blood angels with this guy. A quick recap.

1. Prime area black
2. diluted enchanted blue base coat
3. enchanted blue mixed with white as the first pass
3. Space Wolf grey on the high energy portions.

I will go back with washes for shading, paint the rest of the power weapon, and then the rest of the details. I think the key thing here is that I was able to knock this out in a few minutes rather than hours. I can spend as much time as I like cleaning him up now. I've said this before but.....

please go out and buy and air brush. It is like magic. Imagine adding an airbrush as a tool to an already talented painter!

So do I finish this guy or just keep scatter painting the force, adding colors as I go?


  1. This color scheme is really, really working for me. The mint and the metallics contrast beautifully and the purple brings a genuinely perfect dab of complementary drama to the whole theme. Beautiful.

  2. Same here, the contrast between the milky kint armour and contrast provided by the metalic/purple elements just looks great. The matt look of the vehicles definitely helps as well, not sure why but it really fits well with the paintscheme of the infantry.

    As for your painting approach, well you seem to be doing just fine right now. Keep the vibe going I'd say!

  3. Thanks for the really kind words! I just finished another unit which I'll try to post tomorrow. I was worried about the blue power weapons, but I think they add a nice secondary color. Should I try to paint all ofusing transparent green stuff using the power weapon blue recipe, or stick with purple? I was thinking bluish for all the rods and then swirling purple for the door to the monolith.

  4. Looks awesome! I'd love to add an airbrush to my bag of painting tools but it's not in the budget. Maybe one day.

  5. Bought an airbrush a couple weeks ago and used it this weekend. Felt like Luke when he first picked up his light sabre, I was clumsy with it and untrained but I could feel the power behind each stroke.

    Love your necrons!

    Oh, I am no longer Old Shatter Hands on blogger. yep, coming out of gamers anonymous...

  6. The lord is looking really good. The mint green body and bronze cape works really well together. I can't wait to see the finished model :)

    I was catching up on your older posts, and I must say that your Annihilation Barge is absolutely fantastic. If you don't mind me asking, which colors are you using for the dark grey body and the Tesla Destructor muzzle?