Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Chaos Space Marines on Ebay

I've gone all in on my Death Guard, so this force has to go to make room. I learned to cast custom resin bases on this little army, as well as rudimentary color theory. Hopefully this little warband will find a new home, preferably one with a lot of cultists to back it up.  These photos are better than some of the ones I took when I first created the army, so this will be the last look at these guys.

I feel a little awkward hawking my wares here, but here goes anyway.



  1. Hawk away mate, your blog! And a reader may be interested like me for the GK Dread! Hopefully in US tho, not the Sump ha ha

    1. Hey the Sump.. a wretched hive of scum and villainy! (I haven't seen the new movie so no spoilers)

  2. Never feel awkward! i do this all the time to make room, fund more hobby or donate to charity.

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    These photos are better than some of the ones I took when I first created the army...

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