Monday, April 10, 2017

The Primarch WIP 1

Does GW hate us? They've been showing us nothing but love, with a receptive social presence, great models, great customer service, and even fun hints about the the future of the game. But then they go full filigree. You never go full filigree. This model is an exercise in outlining. I thought Fulgrim was a pain in the ass, but man Guilliman takes the cake!

So where am I in this model? God knows. I've been cleaning up the oil pin wash for over an hour now, and there is still a lot to remove. The model is also semi-gloss coated right now, which makes everything look terrible.

At least the base coat is nearly done. Then I get to start highlighting endless amounts of gold filigree. Come on GW. A model should be no more than 5% filigree at most. Otherwise it looks like doily.


  1. Great, now I fear the return of The Lion -_- Robe made of doilies...

  2. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only intricate scrimshaw, scrollwork and filigree!

    Looking good so far, man - Can't wait to see him in all of his smurf-y glory!

  3. LMAO. Great job so far, you going for a dark blue or is that just the first of many blues?

    1. The lighter colored blues are hidden by brown oil at the moment. I have to clean up all around the gold trim to make them visible again. Overall though, the blue will be darker.

  4. Keep at it bud, looks great!!

    Remember GW love's you!

  5. Oh my sweet summer child. Try CSM, especially the new kits. You can have all the trim you need, less of it but on a lot more models. ;)

    He is looking well though.