Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sons of Horus Armored Proteus: Old Line Massacre

With the Old Line Massacre coming up it was time to stop painting flames of war and get another 30k vehicle ready. While I had thought I had adequately compartmentalized my painting to that of military and 40k, there is definitely some spill over here.  I don't usually paint with pigments on my 40k models, but since I had been doing that with all the german tanks I gave it a shot.

So on to the model. First off, I hate proteus tracks. There is not enough detail to make them terribly interesting. While it is hard to see in these photos, I based the tracks with a black/brown color, and then used white spirit to distress the paint job, producing chips all over them. After that a dust wash followed by metallic pigment followed up. The metallic effect is subtle. In the photos, the sheen does not come through. I experimented painting on metallic pigment on the weapons as well. Up close the buffing shows through, but here it is a little difficult to see.

After all of the color modulation was completed I applied forgeworld decals. What I experienced was an epic failure. I've had specific trouble with the Sons of Horus transfer sheet, and I just can't figure out a combination of techniques that would work. At this point I am ready to blame the material. My traditional method of gloss coat base, followed by micro set and then finished with microsol, failed miserably. I am beginning to think that this decal sheet has imperfections in it. It is time to order another one and see if this was just damaged or from a bad run.

On the positive side of things, the leaked rules changes for 7th edition look fantastic. It feels like GW took a critical view of the state of 6th edition game play, and tried to address the main issues. I am really excited to see how it shapes up, especially after all the gloom and doom from the BoLS writers.  All of that sky is falling crap may have been good for BoLS adsense, but I do not think it was good for the hobby.


  1. A resounding WOW!

    You're really friggin good. I really need to step up my airbrushing game.

  2. I appreciate the comments guys.

    I don't know if you are local to DC Masta Cheef, but Tim you should definitely try to come to the Old Line Massacre at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to the event, though I still have to paint my troops and learn 6th edition rules. I plan to use the dice off rule from the book often.

  3. The weathering on this tank is exceptional. I also love the color and subtle shading on the model. It's a beautiful tank.

  4. Looks great! Could you post some links to the modulation research you did? I'm always up for learning new techniques.