Sunday, May 4, 2014

FoW: Panther G and Army Shot

After painting the Stug G's from the Open Fire starter kit, I had the hankering for painting some panthers. Not knowing what type to make, I settled on the Panther G, since it had the coolest looking equipment. One of the panthers has oil streaks applied. The rest will get the same treatment, but after my wife said she hated the paint chipped Stug, I thought I would see what a tank would look like with oil streaks alone. I think it can work, but I do need to put some paint chips in there, if only to provide narrative to the rust streaks. Other than that, I added yellow flowers to the german bases, and put together the allies side of the box.

Two hours later and two clamps per tank, and I finally have the Shermans and Fireflys ready for paint. I enjoyed painting the Plastic Soldier Company Panthers. I am not sure I will enjoy painting the Shermans. Maybe I have just been spoiled by Games Workshop, whose models are crisp and well detailed. I'm beginning to think that I should just buy models from anyone but Battle Front, though it seems a weird way to support a game.

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