Friday, May 2, 2014


The pigments are stilly drying, and paint chipping and streaking is yet to be done, but I wanted to see what these guys would look like based. I don't think it is realistic, but the greenish brown earth provides nice contrast. Now the big question is whether I've managed to reach whatever the tabletop standard for FoW is. I found the figures really difficult to paint, so I was pretty loose with the brush. If I paint the remaining 96 guys up to this standard will it be considered a nice army, or do I need to spend as much time as I do on my 40k stuff?

I was thinking about painting the trims of each base black, but I am worried it will stick out too much. 


  1. At that scale the extra effort might be wasted - nothing lost if you try it out on one or two small special units though. Try using disposable foam eyeshadow applicators. They will be closer to the scale of chipping you want.

    For the rims...sounds like a job for good 'ol steel legion drab ;)

    1. They are absurdly small. I think chipping is going to have to be done with a brush this time. I received a NOVACF care packages, so I need to get these off of my desk so I can get that Knight started.

    2. Flames of War stuff is supposed to be easier to paint because they are smaller and you don't really need to paint the details. The ones you've done are probably the best FOW minis Ive ever seen painted. Seriously.

      If anything, you could even but back a little bit.

    3. Yay NOVA! I got the blue on my scouts this week. Your recipe makes for a very nice looking blue :)

    4. Tim, if you like mine, you should check out Cameron's. His blog was the inspiration for my German Imperial Guard.

      Knight Titan on the way....with lights...

  2. Excellent standard and as mentioned above Steel Legion drab for the edges. 15mm looks easy compared to 28mm but as you have found out the tiny detail is a pain in the arse, especially if you have big fingers.