Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thunderhawk Stand Complete

I added an oil wash and weathering powders to the Thunderhawk stand / ruined building terrain piece. I couldn't resist adding a few more of the left over posters from the imperial statue I created earlier.

Now the only question is, which should I add to my force for a pickup game at the GW Springfield store. Should I use my Warhound which has no D weapons, or this lovely flying box of death? Regardless of which superheavy I use, I will be including three storm talons and a thunder fire cannon and some lovely void generators.


  1. Good lord, man. I think I may at some point have to do up an ultra marines diorama with some RT era minis I have lying around. Between the terrain and the great minis you've inspired me.

  2. That is epic! Especially dig the posters inside.

  3. Thanks for the kudos guys. Zab, you should definitely paint up some Ultramarines. One of the cool narrative bits is that it was Guilliman's idea to break up the legions into chapters, in order to allow loyal marines from the traitor legions to continue serving the Emperor. It is a great bit of story to work into a force.

    1. Yes i had heard rumors about some of the second founding legions not "knowing" their primarchs origins... We're looking at you blood ravens, praetors of orpheous and others o_O