Sunday, December 1, 2013

Terrain: Statue With Posters

I knocked this up last night when I could not sleep. The glue hasn't even dried, yet I've gone ahead and painted it. I just couldn't resist sticking those posters all around it. The statue is not attached. It can be removed and replaced with some other device or monument. I found a great tutorial on how to make candles using sprue and white glue. those will come next.

If I can keep this pace up for at least two more ruins, then I think I will have a really nice gaming table by next weekend.


  1. This is awesome!! Although I wonder if it's hard to weather the posters so they blend in and don't look as new compared to the terrain? Maybe that is all personal pref though? Also can you link to the candle tutorial you mention please?

    1. The posters are soaked in matte medium, so they can take a fair amount of abuse without falling apart. I like them bright like this. I think it brings nice color to a worn out city. Plus it shows the defenders are still alive and kicking.

      The candles start off as any round shaft you like, Then using PVA glue, you can create the molten wax. The wick is just a thread coated in PVA glue. I don't have the link any longer or I would post it.

  2. All that scenery looks amazing!

  3. Really top notch work there!

  4. Good stuff, man! The posters and detritus really give the pieces a nice sense of scale.

  5. You've knocked this stuff out of the park - great stuff all round.