Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thunderhawk Flying Base WIP

Escalation is going to be a lot of fun. However there needs to be a way to actually put the thunderhawk on the table. Most people are not going to want to drill holes in their hawks, so my solution involved a silicon mold of the thunder hawk's carriage. The silicone acts as the interface between the hawk an the plastic stand, forming a perfect mitt.

The building required reinforcement on the inside using extra sprues. I also mounted the building on a solid plastic base, in order to give it a really good foundation. My original intent was to take this and then embed it in a larger base, however the thunderhawk has been really stable on it, so maybe this is as far as I will take the base.

The stand/building is just base coated, but it will get several layers of pigments before this it is complete. That will darken up the building quite a bit which will make the Thunderhawk stand out more. I broke out my partially completed realm of battle board just to show the scale. The thunderhawk is really far too large as a playable model, but it looks great on the table.


  1. Though I love scenery and adore the Thunderhawk. Flying bases like that give me too much an impression of the flyer crashing into the building or the building scraping the belly of the flyer, which makes it a bit unrealistic (as far as realism goes in 40k, lol). Overal a very good model, though the scenic base makes an already massive model even more massive as it claims more space on the tabletop.

  2. It is bizarrely large on the tabletop. I wish I had a giant acrylic stand for the thing, but this is what I have. It will look funny having the thunderhawk drag along a skyscraper as it moves along. :)

  3. I agree with Revan88, it looks a bit weird with this large building supporting the thunder hawk. I think there are plexiglas rods ( with a one inch diameter that probably would look better. Or perhaps some hollow clear plastic pipe. Perhaps with part of the building covering the insert of the rod into the base. Otherwise I am as impressed as ever with your work.

  4. I would be terrified of having mine up that high...

    I havent mounted mine yet because of that and I really dont know how to mount it without drilling the hole...but i could see doing something like this...

  5. Although I think this plus the acrylic rod might be a very good idea...