Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friendly Pick Up List With a Warhound Titan

With my Ultramarines Thunderhawk complete, I immediately decided to pull it from the list, replacing it with a Warhound titan.(thank you FW for adding this to all imperial armies!)  My model is not equipped with a str D weapon, and isn't even fully painted. However,  I like the look of it so much I just had to add it. At 2000 points, the titan makes up 720 points of the army. I don't now how hard these guys are to bring down, but with such a large amounts of points locked up in one model maybe D weapons make sense. The army has only 4 weak troops, and a terminator squad to protect the titan. The two fliers exist to provide air cover.

If you replace my captain with Tigurious, add Coteaz with some inexpensive troops,  I think this army could be competitive, and would look right for an imperial force.


  1. Yay another group shot of the ultra marines! I'm not usually a fan of Gulliman's bunch, but you did a great job with them and that earthy basing really sets them off. Ventris would be proud ;).

  2. I will eventually do a full army shot with all of the building and repainted realm of battle board. It will be a while though. I am upgrading storm ravens with oil washes and some lighter colors at the moment.

    1. Hey John, those are some awesome looking Ultramarines! And I really like the way you did the board. I read through your posts, but could find a describion how you did the thunderhawk and the board.
      Hopefully you read the post, even if the original one is half a year old :)
      Best wishes

    2. The thunderhawk chunks were sawed in half, and then embedded in hydrocal. Anti-slip sand was liberally applied and then painting began!

  3. I think they look great as they are. Besides, Strength D isnt the be all and end all, it's just a game in the end. Good work!

  4. In one post you have cured any doubts as to allowing these things in a game. That looks epic, you have forever changed my views on super heavies in standard lists.