Saturday, July 13, 2013

Warhound Titan Ebay Find

I found this warhound titan, while trolling ebay for Eldar. Now, I already own one of these that has not been put together, so even partially built, this gives me a chance to practice building one of these guys and painting it before I tackle my pristine one. I had not taken into account how terribly the legs had been glue-mangled or gluangled(TM). I tried to remove the super glue, trying nail polish remover, super glue de-bonder, and even simple green. No dice. The good news is that the previous owner left the armor plates and the main body alone, so those will be a lot of fun to paint. I foresee a lot of mud and grime on the legs.

I am really looking forward to painting this. Now what Titan legion should this guy come from?


  1. Fire Wasps - nobody does them any more.

  2. They are the all red ones right? Do you know of a better resource than ? I've been trying to find color plates in Imperial Armor books, but have found relatively little.

  3. Nice piece, Drathmere! It's good that you managed to remove the excess super glue, though I can see that it was a hard process. In case you'll have to put all the Titan's pieces again, make sure that you use a high-quality adhesive. Through this, you can be assured that it can't be detached easily. :)