Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GW Medium

So Mike Cho, posted a nice tutorial on how he paints power weapons over on his blog. Since, both of us are working on the Redemption of the Fallen charity project, and both of us have different painting methods, I thought I would try to pick his brain and learn some of his techniques. He's got some games day daemons under his belt(presumably on a shelf somewhere and not actually under his belt).

Now, I usually paint power weapons using an air brush, which I think looks fantastic, and is completed in a couple of minutes. The layering method using 5 paints, thin coats, and latham medium looked much harder to me. Certainly it looked more tedious. On the other hand, sometimes I want to paint  irregularly shaped power weapons such as power axes. To do that I need to learn how to use GW medium, and layer like Mike. I've already painted up a BA model using extreme blending and the medium stuff to great affect, so since Mike was kind enough to put up a tutorial, the least I could do was follow it. I had to make a few alterations, as I do not have Ice Blue, but overall the painting was pretty easy. Like any test piece, this is only painted on one side. Tomorrow I'll try pushing the light colors a bit more, and maybe skip the final regal wash.

(full disclosure--this is the second attempt. The first version was done sans tutorial, and is fortunately hidden by this coat)

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  1. I would push the highlights a bit more. But overall looks great.