Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Devil Dogs Pt2

The Devil Dogs now have rusty tracks and pressure transfers. I tried to make the red stripe with the white lettering look like something that would be put on in the field to mark the tanks out. I am thinking about not gluing the back portions on since the chemical tanks look so cool, and can be pulled out after a vehicle destroyed hit in order to make terrain. I plan to print out some transfers for each dog, customizing it like old WWII bombers. The tacky peeing calvin and hobbs image that used to be seen on a lot of cars is actually appropriate here! I don't plan on using that one, but it was a blast from the past when google image came up with it.

So, do I add washes to the tanks, or just let them be. I kind of like the way they look right now.

Remember, you could win these tanks, along with a whole sweet Dave Taylor inspired Steel Legion army, so your opinion matters!


  1. Add some washes, and maybe some sponge weathering around the lower half of the tracks ; )


  2. Awesome drathmere, the tracks came out great! As much as I love the work on the tanks, the covers have the pipe work that stitches it together, unless you were to make custom pipes I think you should run them.

    Really great work though, they're top class!


  3. Alo, yeah, I agree with Dave, hit the outside of the track guards with some washes to simulate running grime (a critical element in tracked vehicles is grease, so much grease!) the only time they'd really rustnup like that is if it was wrecked, or in a red desert, in which case the rest of the tank would be pretty bloody dusty.

  4. I really like the tanks, though applying some washes to shade the tank more strongly is a good suggestion.

    The rust on the tracks is somehow too even, maybe some Devlan Mud finds a remedy.

  5. Washes are a go. I am traveling to San Diego tomorrow, so I won't be able to share the images until I get back Friday.

  6. The washed dried,but they had a strange effect. Around each rivet on the darker areas, the washes produced whitish stains. It looks kind of cool, but not what I was expecting.