Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blood Angels Batch Painting WIP

Lots of details are not complete on these guys because I am painting them in large batches. I wanted to share them because I think the air brush shading worked out pretty well. The Sternguard models are my least favorite so far because I had to remove so many damaged details. They are also on temporary bases while I finish up another batch of my resin bases.
I've got one squad of vanguard vets on the way, followed by vehicle painting. My intent is to get all of the main painting done this weekend, and then build a display board. I am just not sure if I have painted enough models for armies on parade. What I have so far is:

1 dreadnought (1)
1 tactical squad (10)
2 terminator squads (10)
1 death company squad with jump packs and lemartes (6)
1 Librarian Terminator
1 Chaplain Terminator
1 Corbulo
1 Asteroth
1 Mephiston
1 vanguard squad (7)
1 death company rhino
1 land raider
2 baals
1 vindicator

Because I am limiting myself to this new style of painting, my unit choice is pretty weird. I think I may need to find a way to get a squad of sanguinary guard and dante in the mix.

The display board is going to be basically a the same color as the bases. I plan on two levels, and will embed broken imperial vehicles all across the surface.


  1. They look good so far. "Batch painting" is for sure the best method to quickly complete many models but unfortunately it's very tiring, at least for me.

  2. Love the red. How did you do it?

  3. The red starts with a black base coat. I then mix blood red and black into a darkish red color and using an air brush coat most of the model. I am carful to leave a lot of black in the recesses. After that I use thinned down blood red sprayed from an angle so less of the model gets covered. After the blood read comes a blood red/orange mix that I just dust from the top. Then I mix water, badab black wash, and baal red wash and liberally spray the model. This tones down the orange. I use the same orange mix for edge highlighting at the end.

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