Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kit Bashed Librarian Dreadnought Part 2

I am beginning to really like this paint job. I think the trick is the black undercoat + air brushed blood red. It gives the model such rich tones, while keeping large portions of the model in shadow. Since this is my librarian dread, I painted a little more gold/bronze on him than usual. I blocked in all the colors last night prior to a 50/50 dev mud/water + 1 drop of thinner wash. Now that I am learning to thin my washes I think I am getting much better results. I think I have reached the point where decals have to be added. I always dread this step since it is hit or miss with me. I still need to paint the cables, wash and highlight the purity seals, and do something with the etched brass on his right leg, but I've had those FW blood angels decals sitting near my desk since receiving them as a Christmas gift from my wife. I think it would be nice to use them. I also have that Arvus Lighter to paint from her!


  1. I've never seen a AoBR dreadnought look so good.

  2. Seconded, amazing!

    You've done a cracker of a job mate! So am I reading it right, after putting in the base colours, you went over the whole model with the thinned 50% Delvan wash?

    Was this in the airbrush as well?

    Once again, amazing, great stuff!

  3. I used a thinned down baal red wash over the whole model using the air brush. I used thinned dev mud on the metal parts!

    I just finished putting decals and painting the hoses. I haven't decided to paint battle damage yet, since I love the smooth color. One more update is coming!

  4. Oh, I did use dev mud around the rivets on the red armor, just not over the whole thing!

  5. Honorable mention! Congratz on the nod from FTW.