Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finished Blood Angels Dread & WIP Sergeant

I finished up the Dreadnought, baring matte varnish. I think I am going to avoid transfers until I find a better way to put them on. I am getting a lot of air pockets despite the surface being extremely smooth. In any event, I love how the dread turned out.

I used the same techniques to paint up the special order Sergeant from GW. I was not thrilled with the mini at first, but now that I see it painted and interspersed with a squad, I really like the way the pose stands out. The new plastics have loads of detail, but less character pose wise. This guy has it all. I tried a new way to paint his power sword, and I think I am hooked. Lost of small passes with an air brush and I have the best blade I have painted! I finished and based the model a few hours ago, and started on the BA librarian from the Space Hulk game. I'll post some photos tomorrow of him. It turns out one of my custom resin bases is perfect for his pose. It almost looks like the base and the model were made for each other!


  1. Transfers go on well if you get your hands on MicroSol and MicroSet. The tutorial section on FTW has a few links for them, very, VERY handy things.

  2. I have had better success in using a gloss coat where you want the decals, then using the MicroSol and Set, then using the Matte finish

    Good luck

  3. Lovely,

    You have tutorial for sword?



  4. Those reds are really rich, and both turned out great. The lack of color distinction on the dread's leg aquila almost looks like an oversight though.

  5. I loved the color so much I decided not to paint the etched brass. I should probably break down and paint it!