Friday, March 23, 2018

Warlord Titan Truing The Box WIP 4

The core of Warlord titian is box made out of irregularly shaped pieces, which are undoubtedly bent out of shape. Since I couldn't eyeball the fixes given all the curved shapes, I needed another way to true the thing.

Enter the humble rubber band.

What you see in these photos is not glued together, but rubber banded together. The idea was to use enough rubber bands to keep the torso in as close to the right position as possible and then use a heat gun to soften areas for adjustment. Lucky for me, it worked.

If you are going to build one of these, you need to have a heat gun. This would have been impossible to put together with out one.

One more thing I disagree with. The instructions have the torso built from the bottom up. I found it easier to start with the huge pieces that were less warped, and work down towards the floor.


  1. Amazing! :-) You going to use this for a game at some point?

  2. I recommend keeping off the lid, so you can pin the huge weight of the shoulders which will otherwise pull downwards and outwards. I know you said you were not pinning, but these shoulders I really really would.

    1. I’ve started pinning where necessary. This guy is heavy!