Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Warlord Titan Cockpit WIP 8

The enamel is still drying, so I can't tidy up pin lining and streaking yet, but I like how the interior is turning out. Granted, very little of this will be visible when the head has been added to the model, but I will know the cockpit is painted, and that is something.

I'm looking forward to knocking the gloss coat back to matte and adding some weathering powders. Once that is done I can glue the head together and paint the figures later. It does feel pretty weird taking a break from building the thing in order to start painting sections.


  1. Lovely! I've oft-considered buying just the head as a fun painting project, and you're not helping. Hah!

    What is your recipe for that khaki interior you've got there? I really dig that tone! Takes weathering super nicely as well.

    1. Thanks! I used a heavy coat of Tamiya XF-21 (sky) followed by a 50/50 XF-21/XF2(flat white). Make sure the first coat is relatively heavy so the semi-gloss varnish doesn't case it to crack. (unless that is what you want!)

    2. Joel, the head will make a great Objective marker for an Imperial Army to fight over! I could pick you up a Mars Beta Head when next in WHW? Hee Hee...

  2. I want to do this kind of colour inside some ruined buildings I have - AdMech red outside cream on the inside. Can't get past all the other details I want to paint that are metallic and too many other projects on the go! This looks fantastic.

  3. Love that eggshell colour, looks like the insides of most ships. What colour is it? Your attention to detail is great and you had it itch your weathering bug soon didn't you ;)