Wednesday, November 15, 2017

On The Painting Table: Thunderhawks & Reinforcements

After all of those dwarves, I needed something to jump start my painting. Some unfinished Epic models fit the bill perfectly, especially since there will likely be an Epic 30k event shaping up in the future. I'm a bit rusty with the air brush, but I think once I've applied a filter, these will fit right in. I still need to come up with some flight stands for the thunderhawks. After seeing Brian's drop pods clapped to telescoping rods at NOVA this year, I think these need to come in on tall stands. That is unless they are flying at the nape of the earth. You know, giant bricks are so agile that they can do that. :)


  1. These look amazing, where do you get the models from as they are hard to track down these days or are they old ones you have squirreled away for a rainy day?

  2. Great stuff, is that the pre-shading or final scheme green hue? At that scale it could be either I guess. I hope for your sake when Epic inevitably gets the Specialist Games Treatment it’s the same 6mm Scale...

    1. I appreciate that, but I think no matter what happens to epic as a new game I will be ok. I have so much epic stuff now I never need any more. If they move to 10mm, then the titans will look spectacular when used with 6mm everything else. I kind of hope they do move to larger scale jus so I can have bigger titans.

  3. To quote Nicholson's Joker - "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

    Are these just old hoarded models from back in the day, ebay trawls, or something else entirely? I would love to dive back in to Epic but have no real idea where to get started... Drop me an email sometime, would love to pick your brain about Epic!

  4. Those vehicles really 'pop' - it must be quite a fiddly job doing that with an airbrush.