Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Paint Chipping A Plague Drone WIP 1

I've painted all of the new Death Guard models, so while waiting for more releases, I decided to paint up the original plague drone. I much prefer this model to the new one. Perhaps I should have used the same painting techniques. Once the protective coat of lacquer dries I'll be able to start working the flesh portions. Those will build from purple all the way to skin color. This model will probably look out of place in my army, but so be it. It is a blast to paint. 

1) Spray model with various rust colors
2) Spray flesh purple. 
3) Lacquer the model. 
4) Spray several coats of chipping fluid
5) Paint the model normally
6) Using a wet brush agitate off the painted surface to reveal the rust beneath. 
7) Lacquer the model.


  1. Hey John, nice work! The effect works really well on this larger single model, would it work on Infantry models? Also, have you tried it on your Rhino? Cheers

    1. In general the technique works. I would use a different chipping material for smaller models. This is heavy chipping, so it might be too strong for smaller parts. The rhino could easily benefit from chipping this way, but when I painted it I was painting for speed and not for quality. I've always wanted to explore texture on the drone, so I am slowing down and painting it with more care.

    2. Cool, thanks for the quick reply. I've used sponge chipping on Infantry that works well.

  2. If you are lazy like greg, you can also spray a very thick goopy layer of the chipping fluid on the model. Yell waaaagh a whole bunch of times, then paint over it a whole bunch and hope it all works in the end.

  3. Looking good man. Yeah the FW drone looks awesome. I don't play nurgle but always wanted to paint one 8)