Saturday, March 18, 2017

Space Hulk Big Room WIP

 I decided to tackle one of the large rooms today and see what I could do with it. The goal here was to improve the process that will let me complete all zillion pieces of this puzzle in a reasonable amount of time. This time around I used Vallejo yellow for the vertical wall sections, sealed with semi-gloss. The hope was that it would make it easier to remove the enamel wash. I like the results, but the process is marginal. A helpful hint from Marc Raley was to paint this quickly, so rather than use a brush to paint the chips on the door, I just blasted all the chips on using a bit of foam. I think once the streaking is on it looks just as good. I only have 20 more of these doors to paint.

So does this look weirdly 2d to you as well? I can't shake the feeling that I am looking at a comic book.



  1. Nice work, but I agree, they look a bit flat. But I think that is what you get this kind of material. And as a big gaming board I think it will look awesome.

    1. I feel like my painting is pushing flatness to look even flatter. I'm going to add some pipes, and junk, and stuff and see how that helps. I think pigments will make it look a little better as well.

  2. Loving how they're coming along! Wouldn't worry too much, once you get miniatures in there to give it some scale it's going to look spectacular!

  3. Nice man that looks awesome, I love the look of it myself. The crisp colors make it stand out. It's funny but I've been working on a Zone Mortalis style laser cut set I'm designing. I was watching Aliens and wanted to make something Space Hulk Like.

  4. Once you get a few minis in it things will look less flat.